Your Smart Phone is your Security System

15 Blog House Alarm Phone PictureWhat’s the one thing you will go turn around and go back home if you forget it? Your lunch? Your sweater? Your groceries? If you are like most people, the answer is none of those – but you will turn around for your smart phone. And it can double as your security system, which is another way it adds value to your security system. We have come to rely on our smart phones to give us directions how to get places, where to eat dinner and how much we should pay for a washer and dryer. It only makes sense that your phone should help you be in control of your business and home environment, including your security system. Today’s security system can give you control of your alarm through your cell phone no matter where you are. No more wondering if you set the alarm, or stressing out that you forgot to disarm it for the housekeeper. With the touch of your app, you can control the security system. As well, you can add on cameras and lighting control to give you greater control and make it more than a security system. We have been serving our community since 1980.Paradox Ipad

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