Secure Systems….in the beginning

Alarm systems have been around since the beginning of time – or least since someone had something taken from them and they wanted to protect themselves. It may have a been a basic alarm – like a rock tied to the door that would come crashing down on the unsuspecting thief, but it was the beginning of self protection. Today’s system are sophisticated, easy to operate and blend seamlessly into most homes and businesses. We started in this industry in 1980. It is no coincidence that is the same time that the personal computer started making inroads…alarm systems also have similar roots with circuit boards and electronic devices that were becoming smaller and more affordable. We are based in Bakersfield, California and are proud to offer local and hands on service to our customer base. Secure Systems provides hard wired and wireless burglar alarms, fire alarms, hardwired and wireless IP cameras and other security products.

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