Residential Alarm Monitoring: Keeping Watch On Your Bakersfield and Kern County Home

Alarm Monitoring protects your Bakersfield and Kern County Home

Residential alarm monitoring for your Bakersfield and Kern County home means you will know if someone tries to break in when you are there and if you are away. Monitoring is the most important part of any alarm system. You will know before going home if the alarm has gone off, and if you are home it ensures that the authorities – and your call list are notified. Monitoring is not just for when the alarm goes off. It also lets you know if the power is turned off, if there are low batteries or other trouble signals. This gives you the ability to make sure your system is operating correctly at all times. For monitoring we recommend wireless radio back-up. This service was developed by the military and is more robust than cellular back up which can be easily jammed.

Keep in mind, insurance companies provide discounts for businesses or homes who have their alarms monitored.

Why do we recommend wireless alarm monitoring?

First of all, traditional phone lines can be cut or disabled. As well, many homes have cancelled their home phone lines and need a reliable and affordable way to monitor the alarm. Our Radio Back Up service provides reliable transmission that is not easily defeated.

How does alarm monitoring work?

Your alarm system will send a signal through your home land line, or wireless monitoring,  when the alarm is triggered.  We call to verify that it is a real alarm.  If no one answers, or the person that answers does not give the correct passcode/password we dispatch the authorities and call the phone numbers you have provided to notify you that the alarm has been triggered.  We are also able to monitor if your power goes out or if there is a low back up battery on the alarm or trouble with other components.

What happens if you disconnect your residential phone line and do not notify us?

We have no way of knowing if you have disconnected your phone line,  Your alarm panel will display a trouble light, or beep.  The phone line is the only way a signal can be sent – so if there is no phone line then we do not receive a signal.  Test your system to make sure that your alarm is working. Contact us for information on wireless monitoring if you have discontinued your traditional land line.

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