Central Vacuums

Central vacuums for new or existing homes

Central vacuums can be installed into new or existing homes. They are 8-10 times more powerful than uprights, and they also provide a cleaner atmosphere. Not sure how central vacuums work? There is a central unit located in the garage or in a closet. Tubing goes throughout the house and ends at inlets in the house. The hose for the central vacuum plugs into these inlets, and the vacuum head is at the end.

Why consider a central vacuum for your home?

  • Proven to provide cleaner air in your home (which helps with allergies)
  • No heavy unit to drag around the house
  • Large canister that collects dirt (eliminates the need to change messy bags)

How do I know how many inlets my home or business needs?

The easiest way to figure out how many inlets you need is to calculate one inlet per 900 square feet. Some floor plans may require more inlets.

Can I install central vacuum in an existing home or business?

Yes. Most homes and businesses can have a central vacuum installed. Please call to schedule an appointment for a free assessment.

Already have a central vacuum? Consider these common accessories for your system:

  • Hose Socks – these quilted socks fit over the length of your central vacuum hose. They protect your walls and baseboards from any marks that can be caused by the hose.
  • Tile Tool – if you have a lot of hard surfaced floors – such as tile or hardwood – you would appreciate the Deluxe Tile Tool.  This larger tile tool has wheels on it which make it easier to use on large areas.
  • Dry mop – this tool makes it easier to clean hard wood floors.  A special dry mop attachment goes onto your wands.  It can be taken easily to be washed!
  • Upgrade your powerhose and powerhead kit. There are “Quiet” models that have special motors designed to produce a low level of noise.   As well, newer hoses have a “swivel” feature that means you will never have a tangled hose again!
  • Car Care Kits – these kits have a special hose and tools that can be used in your car and around the garage.  We do not recommend using the hose from your house because of the dirt in the garage!

We stock most of these items. 

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