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Alarm Systems in Bakersfield, California

A burglar alarm system should you give you peace of mind that your family, home and property are safe.  The alarm systems we design have the equipment you need to achieve the security you want. This is true for both wireless alarm systems and hard-wired burglar alarms. Doors, windows, and motion detectors are the recommended basics. No home phone line? We offer wireless monitoring with every alarm system. Our systems use radio back up (not cellular – which can be disabled with cell phone jammers).

How does a burglar alarm system work?

An alarm needs to be designed for your home and your family to increase safety.  We take into account how your home is designed, if you have pets, what the daily patterns are of entering and leaving the house.  Equipment that may be used can include:

  • Wireless door contacts
  • Wireless window contacts
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Panic button
  • Wireless keyfobs
  • Alarm window
  • Alarm door screens, outside sirens, or inside sirens

Smartphone = Smart Alarm

Access your alarm system form your cell phone. You can see if you forgot to set the alarm, and you can even disarm it for a friend or housekeeper. You can also add remote camera viewing or energy control.

Trained and Screened Installers

All of our installers are employees of Secure Systems. They are trained and thoroughly screened by the State of California. We conduct regular drug screens and DMV checks to ensure we always send the most reliable and honest people into your home. Never settle for a company that does not have these standards for burglar alarm systems. Your security depends on it.

No phone?  No problem!

All of our alarms can be monitored without a traditional phone line.  We use a radio back up system. Because of this, your system is more secure and cannot be disabled by cell phone jammers.

Protect Your Family 24 hours a day

Our central station is rated the highest in the industry. It comes with a level of redundancy that makes it both safe and reliable. Avoid settling for a burglar alarm systems company that doesn’t provide these extra layers of protection.

  • Two back up sources of power
  • Fireproof and bulletproof building
  • Two back up sources of communications
  • Two back up sources of computer technology
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