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Your home is where you should feel the safest and most comfortable. Too often you may feel that your family is at risk. Installing a home alarm and camera system can put you back in control. Your home alarm and camera system will alert you if someone tries to break in or is doing damage. We want to help you feel comfortable in knowing you have what you need to make this happen. Do-it-yourself systems are easily disabled and can fail when you need them the most. You can rely on our locally owned alarm company to install a system that will protect your most important assets – your family. Take back control of your peace of mind.

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Burglar Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems in Bakersfield, California A burglar alarm system should you give you peace of mind that your family, home and property are safe.  The alarm systems we design have the equipment you need to achieve the security you want. This is true for both wireless alarm systems and hard-wired burglar alarms. Doors, windows, and…


Fire Alarm Systems for your home

Fire Alarm Systems in Bakersfield, CA You work hard to protect your family any way you can – and smoke detectors are a big part of that.  Smoke detectors can alert you and your family when you are home about a fire and give  you time to leave the house.  What happens when you are…


Residential Alarm Monitoring: Keeping Watch On Your Bakersfield Home

What is alarm monitoring? Alarm monitoring tells you when your alarm is set off at your home or business. The alarm can be monitored through traditional phone lines or wireless service such as Radio Back Up. Why do we recommend wireless alarm monitoring? Thieves can purchase cell phone jammers and disable your monitoring services on…


Security Camera Systems For Your Bakersfield Home

At Secure Systems, we offer home security camera systems and commercial security cameras. To increase security, these cameras can be installed in and around your home or business, and they can be accessed from a laptop or smartphone. As a result, you can check up on your home or business from any location. We offer…


Central Vacuums

Central vacuums for new or existing homes Central vacuums can be installed into new or existing homes. They are 8-10 times more powerful than uprights, and they also provide a cleaner atmosphere. Not sure how central vacuums work? There is a central unit located in the garage or in a closet. Tubing goes throughout the…


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