Commercial Security Camera Systems for Your Bakersfield and Kern County Business

How can security cameras help you protect your business?

Security Camera systems for your Bakersfield and Kern County business can make running your business less stressful. Want to know that your employees are operating machinery safely? Need to know if someone is entering into your property after hours? Security cameras can provide that information and more. A well designed camera system can help to monitor what goes on during the day, and alert you if someone tries to steal from your property after hours. Our commercial security camera systems aren’t just cameras; they also double as an alarm system. With advanced motion detectors and software integrations, any “trigger” will send a video clip straight to your smartphone. A live feed allows you to make sound decisions as to whether or not authorities need to be involved.

Tired of “blurry faces” on your existing camera system?

Camera systems have changed dramatically in the past few years. If your existing cameras do not give you clear images it may be time to upgrade to a system that offers clarity and the ability to actually know what and who is on your property.

Want to get an alert when someone enters into your business area?

Put your cameras to work! An alert can be sent to our monitoring station, we will evaluate the image to verify it is a real intrusion, and send the authorities or notify you. A video clip can also be sent to your phone.

Why partner with Secure Systems?

With over 40 years of experience in the commercial security and surveillance industry, Secure Systems has access to the best installers in town and the best products in the country. We believe in quality products and installations, and the reliability of local service. When you turn to Secure Systems for your security needs, you’re getting the best of the best.

What to expect:

  • Consistent and reliable service
  • Quality solutions and products
  • 100% vetted installers
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