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Your Bakersfield and Kern County business safety and security depends on the preventative steps you take. Security systems , fire alarms and fire alarm testing, business cameras and access control are all vital products we offer to help you do this.

Burglar Alarm Systems to Protect Your Bakersfield Business

A Burglar Alarm System Designed for Your Bakersfield Business You worked hard to build your Bakersfield business, make sure your security system is working hard to protect it.  Consider the following when shopping for a business alarm system: How many people will have alarm codes? Where are valuables stored in the business? Will you want…


Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

Fire Alarm Systems in Bakersfield, CA Fire alarm systems are required for many different businesses. A fire can destroy your property, and your business may never recover from such a setback. However, if you can keep your commercial fire alarm system up to industry standards, then you can avoid fire damage. We service and install…


Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Do you feel comfortable knowing that your business will be safe when you leave each night?  Commercial alarm monitoring is the most important part of any alarm system. This feature ensures that you will know when the alarm is set off and may also tell you who opens and closes and the days and times…


Security Camera Systems for Your Business

How can security cameras help you protect your business? Running a business has enough challenges without worrying about employee’s safety and vandalism after hours. A well designed camera system can help to monitor what goes on during the day, and alert you if someone tries to steal from your property after hours. Our commercial security…


Fire Alarm Testing

Professional Fire Alarm Testing and Design in Bakersfield Secure Systems offers fire alarm testing for companies throughout Bakersfield and Kern County. We are able to service and inspect pre-existing fire alarm systems, including Hochiki, Silent Knight, System Sensor, FireLite, Honeywell, and many other brands. We can also set fire alarm testing schedules and help you…


Access Control to Manage Business

Tired of re-keying every time an employee leaves?  Want to know who came into the office over the weekend?  Access control is an ideal way to grant access to your business during specific hours. Secure Systems uses digital or card reading technology. This eliminates the need to re-key your office when personnel leaves. Each card…


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