Downtown Beginnings

Behold! Secure Systems getting groovy in the latter half of the calendar year.

We have finally made the big move (five blocks east) to 2235 H Street. We are beyond excited to relocate to the heart of downtown and occupy the same street as Bakersfield’s most iconic attractions, such as The Padre and Fox Theater – not to mention Lulu Lemon and Bakersfield Fire Department’s Station #1.

Secure Systems is not the only company to stake its new home on H street. The building has a total of four suites. We are blessed to work adjacent to Soper Homes in Suite B and Kern Computers in Suite C. We are proud to support a location that is home to all locally owned and operated businesses.

That leaves only Suite D up for grabs. The complex features a 1500 square feet space and is perfect for a retail outlet seeking exposure on one of the busiest downtown streets or a new beginning for a local company searching for an office space. The location is centrally located and offers great storefront advertisement.

The complex has incredible natural light and an open feel. It is a perfect fit for an office or light retail. It is close to all of the major government and medical centers that serve our community.

Contact Molly Busacca, molly@mysecuresystems.com, or stop by our corner, to learn more about how you can join the H street family.

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