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What happens if I set off my alarm on accident?

If you accidentally set off the alarm system

  1. Disarm the alarm system by inputting your code slowly. Make sure you are using the correct code!
  2. If you are monitored call 1-800-458-4519 to cancel the dispatch.
  3. Be prepared to give your name, address, and passcode.
  4. “Now I have a memory light!”
    1.  Once you arm and disarm the alarm system the memory light will go out. However, memory light does not prevent you from using the alarm system.

WE WILL NOT cancel an alarm if you do not know your passcode. 

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Do I need an Alarm Permit?

City of Bakersfield:

If your home alarm or business alarm is in the City of Bakersfield you are required to have an alarm permit.

County of Kern:

Commercial Alarm Systems or Residential Alarm Systems in the County of Kern do not require an alarm permit.

Are you unsure whether you are in the City of Bakersfield or County of Kern?

Contact the Bakersfield Police Department Alarm officer at 661-326-3969.
You will be fined if you do not have an alarm permit on file. Permits can be filed on line, or by mail. Information is below.
To file online:
To print a copy of alarm application to mail:

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Will my pet set off my alarm system?

We know that your pets are part of your family. It is critical to know about pets with home alarm systems.

  1. Will the pets be in the house when the system is set?
  2. How big are the animals?
  3. How many animals, and what types, do you have?
Today there are special “pet avoidance” motion detectors that are designed to allow animals up to 80 lbs to be in the home without setting off the alarm. If you have larger animals, or several pets, there are special installation techniques we can use.
Always inform us if you acquire new pets so we can ensure that your alarm will work properly. In addition, please notify us immediately if you think your pet may be causing false alarms!
Remember to set your home alarm system in the “stay” mode, which will turn off the motion detectors. That allows your animals to roam freely without fear of setting off the alarm. However, for the best protection we always recommend using the motion detectors.

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Can you install an alarm in an existing home?

Alarm systems can be installed in existing homes. We have special equipment, tools and installation techniques that ensure a clean installation for a superior system. Here are some items to consider:

Is your home prewired for an alarm system?

If your home was built within the past 5-10 years there is a possibility that it was prewired for an alarm system. What exactly does that mean?

What does prewired mean?

During the framing stage wires were run to all of your windows and doors. Special wires were put in place for alarm keypads, motion detectors and for other important security equipment.

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