Exercise Secure Systems Style..(or just because you watched the Olympics doesn’t make you an Olympian)

Come on. Admit it. You watch the Olympics and by Day 6 you think you may be able to try your hand at a few spins on the floor exercises of the gymnastics team. Okay, maybe that is reaching a little far. Perhaps you eye the sports and think to yourself if you really wanted to you could be a contender in the Archery competition. Whatever your dreams, or level of self delusion is, it is a fact that gym membership, and exercise in general increase during the Olympics. It must be due to the fact that in theory, we are all humans and capable of something like the specimens we watch in awe. Well, maybe a fractional something at best. But, it is true that the Olympics inspire us to use the bodies we have and put them to better use than supporting the Olympic Sponsors (thank you fast food and soda manufacturers – wow, a little irony there….).

Having said all of that, it is wonderful to be inspired and motivated by Olympians – or just ready to improve your health! Here are some simple steps you should take when starting an exercise program, or getting ready to train for the Olympics…

Have a physical

Get an overall physical from your doctor to assess your health. Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels should be checked to make sure you do not have any underlying health issues. Many people jump into an exercise program head on – and end up face up. Even if your health is not perfect, most physicians will give you the go ahead to exercise – but in moderation. It is amazing how your level of stamina and capability will improve by starting this way.

Check your diet along with your new exercise program

If you feed your body healthy, easy to digest foods, you will be amazed how much better it responds to exercise. Start by cutting out sodas. This alone can trim your waist and give you more energy – especially if you replace the soda with plain old water. And this goes for diet soda as well. There are lots of chemicals and dyes in soda that quite frankly, your body just does not like and has a hard time processing. From there, be honest with yourself. Are you really eating 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? And french fries and orange soda do not count. Start a new habit by eating a piece of fruit mid morning instead of a pastry or sugary coffee drink. These little changes will help your body respond to the new changes you are making as you work toward that Olympic goal…or just the promise of better health and more energy.

Every two years the Olympiads inspire us with their dedication, drive and hard bodies. We may not all be cut out for Olympic fame – but we can strive towards protecting our health “Secure Systems” style. Make healthy choices in diet and exercise part of your everyday living…and try doing a cartwheel in the backyard just to prove to yourself you have a little Olympiad spirit inside of yourself too!

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