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Come on. Admit it. You watch the Olympics and by Day 6 you think you may be able to try your hand at a few spins on the floor exercises of the gymnastics team. Okay, maybe that is reaching a little far. Perhaps you eye the sports and think to yourself if you really wanted to you could be a contender in the Archery competition. Whatever your dreams, or level of self delusion is, it is a fact that gym membership, and exercise in general increase during the Olympics. It must be due to the fact that in theory, we are all humans and capable of something like the specimens we watch in awe. Well, maybe a fractional something at best. But, it is true that the Olympics inspire us to use the bodies we have and put them to better use than supporting the Olympic Sponsors (thank you fast food and soda manufacturers – wow, a little irony there….).

Having said all of that, it is wonderful to be inspired and motivated by Olympians – or just ready to improve your health! Here are some simple steps you should take when starting an exercise program, or getting ready to train for the Olympics… More »

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Ahhh, vacation…somewhere new to rest your head and leave all of your cares behind. And everyone knows the bad guys don’t go on vacation – right? Sorry…that most certainly is NOT the case. In fact, tourists are more likely to be pickpocketed, have their cars broken into or hotel rooms pilfered just because they are “marked.” It does not mean that you are not the intelligent, cautious person you are at home. But, let’s face it…part of the point of vacation is relaxing. And, even if you keep your game face on, destination areas are frequented by tourists and thieves alike because the pickins are good! There are some basic steps you should take to keep yourself from being the next vacation victim.

Be aware of your surroundings

Too often when we go on vacation mode – we go on vacation in every sense of the word. It is important to assess your surroundings, and your actions, as closely as you would in your everyday life. That starts with your traveling. Flying? Make sure you don’t have more luggage than you can handle – and see. They ask you at customs, and security, if you have kept track of your luggage for a reason – unattended luggage is free game for trouble. Yes, people have been known to stash bombs and other items of destruction – but sometimes it is the ordinary items, or illegal items, like drugs that can wind up in your bags. Of course, having too much can also lead to losing those bags because really, it is hard to keep track of everything. Learn to consolidate your luggage. It will make your traveling easier and safer.

I don’t need to worry because I am staying at a nice hotel

Hee hee hee. Where do you think the bad guys go shopping? Sure, there are cameras and security guards and check in procedures. However, the clever thieves know that the nicer the establishment – the nicer the selection of items to steal. One of our clients was recently checking into a luxury establishment and momentarily put down their bag while handing the clerk their passports. Upon reaching for the bag, they discovered it was gone. Camera footage later revealed that a well dressed thief had walked up to the counter, bent down and stole their luggage in a matter of seconds. Assign one person in your party to hold your belongings if you are the one checking in. This could save a lot of headache for you and prevent your vacation from turning into a non-vacation…

Use the hotel safe

Think safes are just for jewels? Think again. Your wallet and other items may seem safe when you return, but in this age of identity theft, all it takes is one stolen check, or credit card number to wreak havoc on your life. Better yet, before leaving for vacation, think about what you are taking. Do you really need your checkbook and every credit card you own? If not, leave the bulk of these items at home. And when you do venture out, split up your joint credit cards. That way if one person suffers from a pickpocket, you will not lose everything. And don’t forget to leave those credit card and bank phone numbers somewhere safe where you can access them when you need them. d

Lock your doors, close your blinds and hide your stuff

Treat a hotel room with as much respect as your own home – protect it!!! Make sure the doors lock – especially if you are on the ground floor or have access to a balcony. Hide any personal items that you do not want to take – either in the safe, or inside your luggage. Don’t make it easy for someone to go through your items of value.

Vacation is a time to relax. And at Secure Systems we want you to enjoy your time away. However, while we protect your home or business with residential or commercial security, it is up to you to watch out for yourself. Take these simple steps and enjoy!

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Just when you had your smoke detector battery changing schedule down, you heard that you are required to install carbon monoxide detectors. It is true – the State of California is requiring that these detectors be installed in all single family residences – new and existing. Here are some guidelines to help you meet this requirement.

1. I don’t see any carbon monoxide so I must not need anything… Uhh, that is kinda the point. Carbonmonoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can occur in both industrial and residential settings. In the home, it may be present when gas appliances fail to fully burn the gas. Make no mistake…just because you can not smell, see or sense this gas – your body does not like it! Carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal.

2.  Where are detectors supposed to be installed?  Detectors should be installed in the hallways leading into the bedrooms and by any gas appliances such as clothes dryers.

3. Can these detectors be hooked into my alarm system and monitored? Yes, they can. We sell and install these detectors. They are rated differently than the detectors you can find at hardware stores. Contact us for more information on pricing. www.mysecuresystems.com

4. Am I required to pull any special permit? There is no permitting process for carbon monoxide detectors – and no one will inspect your home for compliance. However, if you sell your home, you will be required to meet this code requirement. For more information on carbon monoxide detectors, check this list of Frequently Asked Questions from the State of California’s Fire Marshal’s office.


We are Secure Systems – your Bakersfield residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm company. We are committed to keeping you safe with your alarm system – and everyday activities. Check out our website for more information on products we service and install. www.mysecuresystems.com.

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Your alarm system is just like any other part of your home or business. It needs to be checked, maintained and eventually parts will be replaced. Here are some of the most common areas to check on your home alarm system or commercial alarm system that you have with Secure Systems.

Alarm Batteries – your friend when the power goes out! Your home security system or commercial Alarm system is backed up by a special battery. The alarm battery is there to keep your alarm system operational if the power goes out. These batteries should last 3-5 years. People are often surprised to find out that their alarm has a battery – and that it needs to be replaced. It is no different than a car battery. Eventually the parts that create the chemical reaction inside the battery wear out. That is a very simple answer…if you want to “charge up” your battery knowledge, go to http://blogs.howstuffworks.com/transcript/why-do-batteries-die-but-then-come-back-to-life/ Batteries, like everything else in life, come in different ranges of quality. Can you buy a battery somewhere besides Secure Systems? Sure, but they more than likely will be of lower quality. When it comes to battery replacement, you either do this yourself or have us do it for you. A service call to change a battery will include a visual inspection of all alarm components and testing of the power charging circuits.

Buttons on keypad don’t button up anymore…. Really that means that the buttons are not easy to depress. On occasion we see the buttons wear out, or rather, the area where they make electrical contact wears out. It could also be that the area is dirty behind the keypad. That can happen in restaurants, industrial areas or areas with heavy dust. We can attempt to clean the keypad to see if that fixes the problem. However, there comes a point when the keypad needs to be replaced. Especially if you have heavy use on your commercial alarm system or home alarm system.

Is there enough commotion to need more motion?  Frequently, alarm users for home alarm systems or commercial alarm systems start with one or two motion detectors. Your needs change as your home and business needs changes. Motion detectors should be located in any rooms with valuables. We are seeing lots of break-ins in master bedrooms. The thieves will break a window and not open the door or window. They target one area, especially the master bedroom, and take the valuables. Call Secure Systems for information on adding motion detectors.

Call Secure Systems in Bakersfield, California for more information on your home alarm systems or commercial alarm system today at 661-326-1747 or www.mysecuresystems.com.

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