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Behold! Secure Systems getting groovy in the latter half of the calendar year.

We have finally made the big move (five blocks east) to 2235 H Street. We are beyond excited to relocate to the heart of downtown and occupy the same street as Bakersfield’s most iconic attractions, such as The Padre and Fox Theater – not to mention Lulu Lemon and Bakersfield Fire Department’s Station #1.

Secure Systems is not the only company to stake its new home on H street. The building has a total of four suites. We are blessed to work adjacent to Soper Homes in Suite B and Kern Computers in Suite C. We are proud to support a location that is home to all locally owned and operated businesses.

That leaves only Suite D up for grabs. The complex features a 1500 square feet space and is perfect for a retail outlet seeking exposure on one of the busiest downtown streets or a new beginning for a local company searching for an office space. The location is centrally located and offers great storefront advertisement.

The complex has incredible natural light and an open feel. It is a perfect fit for an office or light retail. It is close to all of the major government and medical centers that serve our community.

Contact Molly Busacca, molly@mysecuresystems.com, or stop by our corner, to learn more about how you can join the H street family.

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Do you ever wonder what criminals look for when picking a target? Well, this shiny red Vespa would probably catch their eye. Especially if left unattended for very long. There are some basic steps you should take at your home or business to keep you under the radar when it comes to crime.

1. Tools of the trade. Do not make it easy for someone to break into your house or business by leaving tools or ladders outside. Think like a thief – and make them work harder, or least bring their own tools.

2. Lock up tight. Make sure all doors have deadbolts. Deadbolts make it much more difficult to break a door. And use them!! The best types require a key on both sides. Yes, it is more work, but you will be glad you did this to prevent break ins. This is especially important with a glass door which can be easily broken, allowing a hand to slip in and turn the lock. Voila! Entry has been gained into your property.

3. Go Green Free. Plants and shrubs are wonderful, but keep them trimmed to eliminate easy hiding spots. Overgrown yards are a “pick me” sign for would be thieves since they offer easy coverage.

4. Address Please! Make sure you can see your address from the street. If the authorities do need to check out suspicious activity you want to make sure they can find your home or business. And, it makes it easier for the pizza delivery person too!

5. Who’s there? Do not open your door at home without knowing who is at the door. Do not be afraid of appearing rude by not talking to a sales person. Many criminals will pose as delivery persons, or door to door salespeople to gain entry into your home. If it seems like the person is not going to leave then call 9-1-1.

These simple steps can help keep your home and business safe. For more information on security systems go to www.MySecureSystems.com

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A common question by homeowners is “Will my dog set off the security system?”. The answer isn’t exactly straight forward. How many animals do you have? What size are the animals? Do they stay indoors when you are gone and the security system is set? Once we know your particular situation we can help make sure that you are protecting your home, and not compromising those special members of your family, also known as your pets. There are several elements to consider when setting up a security system with pets:

1. How many pets do you have? Most security systems use motion detectors as a back up when you are not in the house. However, a large animal or groups of animals can set off these detectors. There are special detectors that do not “detect” animals under a certain size – but again, if you have several animals, they often travel in a pack and can act as a larger mass.

2. Do cats fly when humans aren’t watching? Dogs aren’t the only pets that can set off security systems – cats, especially when there are more than one, can trigger your alarm system. The key is placing a motion detector where it does not point towards a couch, bed or other area that these feline friends may jump on (Yes, we know that they are not allowed on the counter but do the rules apply when you leave?)

3. Isn’t my dog the best security system? If it sounds like you are better off having your dog act as the security system you may want to rethink that. Many burglars simply let the dogs out of the house or yard. Now you have a home that has been burglarized and your pet is gone. Also, having someone ransack your house can traumatize your pets. It has been reported that animals are abused, and often hurt, when burglars conduct their “business”.

Don’t forgo a security system because you have pets. Always notify your security company if you get additional animals so they can determine if this will cause your system any problems. As well, when arranging furniture be mindful of creating “landing pads” for your animals that are in the path of motion detectors. Security systems and pets can live together cohesively and create a safe and secure environment for all of you!

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What is the best way 15 Blog Doormatto prevent being a victim of crime at your home or business? If you said a security system, give yourself a gold star. When interviewed in prison, hardened criminals consistently state that security systems deter them from attempting a break in. There are some key things to remember that should be part of your security systems.

1. Use your Security Systems – It seems obvious, but many people fall out of the habit of using their Security Systems. Burglars have gotten more sophisticated and will look into a window or door to see if the security system is armed. Don’t give them the opportunity to break into your home or business. Use the security system every time that you leave. If you are unsure how to use your alarm, or need it to be upgraded, contact Secure Systems to find out how you can improve your security system.

2. Have a yard sign and stickers – Make sure that everyone knows that you have a security system. Signs and window stickers (provided by Secure Systems) make it perfectly clear that your home or business is protected with a security system and that burglars are not welcome. Additional signs and stickers can be purchased at Secure Systems. We only sell them to existing customers with security systems! We value the business you have given us by purchasing a security system, and this is our way of protecting your investment.

3. Let there be light – Take a look at your home or business at night and see how visible it is. Well lit areas are something that burglars avoid. Light will give your security system an added level of effectiveness.

Security systems can help you to stay safe at both your home and business. Take charge of your safety and follow these easy steps to make your security system do its job!


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15 Blog House Alarm Phone PictureWhat’s the one thing you will go turn around and go back home if you forget it? Your lunch? Your sweater? Your groceries? If you are like most people, the answer is none of those – but you will turn around for your smart phone. And it can double as your security system, which is another way it adds value to your security system. We have come to rely on our smart phones to give us directions how to get places, where to eat dinner and how much we should pay for a washer and dryer. It only makes sense that your phone should help you be in control of your business and home environment, including your security system. Today’s security system can give you control of your alarm through your cell phone no matter where you are. No more wondering if you set the alarm, or stressing out that you forgot to disarm it for the housekeeper. With the touch of your app, you can control the security system. As well, you can add on cameras and lighting control to give you greater control and make it more than a security system. We have been serving our community since 1980.Paradox Ipad

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