Beware of daytime intruders…

In the movies burglars only choose the dead of night to break into a home or business. Unfortunately in real life there is no “special” time for a break in. Daytime is a very popular time for burglaries because in many neighborhoods the majority of people are at work. An intruder uses the trick of knocking at the door, and when no one answers, they kick open the entrance. What happens if you did not hear the doorbell, or did not answer the door and are suddenly faced with an intruder? Call 9-1-1 immediately if you can…retreat to a bathroom and lock the door. Leave the house if you have the chance. These are all scary scenarios – but have become very common. Teach your kids to take these measures as well. Want to know what is happening in your neighborhood? Check out the crime mapping software that is used by Bakersfield Police Department. The site can be accessed at and click on California, then Bakersfield.

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